Wurst Tri Ever

Join us on 10/08/2023

(race date estimated)

Wurst Tri Ever Race Description


Gear Up for a Splashing Good Time!

Packet Pickup - Grab Your Race Essentials:

Date: Saturday, October 7, 2023

Time: 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sunday Event Day October 8, 2023

Time: 5:30 a.m. – 6:45 a.m.

Location: Aquatic Center Training Room in Landa Park. (PLEASE NOTE: no bike check-in on Saturday)


Race Day Sunday Morning -

Splash into action on Sunday morning!

Transition opens its doors at 5:30 a.m. -

But first, let's get you race-ready:

Get that body marked like a champion before going into transition.

You must show that you have a helmet.

Stick on your trusty bike-numbered sticker.

We are so glad that Crossroads Bike Shop has partnered with us and will be on-site for last-minute emergencies.

Our bike inspection team will give your ride a once-over. Once you're in transition, park your Bike and gear your way. Please limit the area under your Bike, as we need to put six bikes per rack.

Transition shuts its doors at 7 a.m. – Be there, or you'll miss the swim!

We will not allow any bike to be removed from transition until it's safe and most racers have finished the bike course. Safety first, our vigilant Staff will strictly enforce this rule. Please consider this for your timeline after your race ends. The transition workers will not allow bikes out until we have the OK from the race director.

Don't Be Tardy - Transition Closes at 7:00 a.m.!

Time is of the essence! Don't be late

Pre-Race Meeting – The last-minute Essential Details:

Time: 7:10 a.m.

Location: Inside the Aquatic Center

Get the inside scoop before you make a splash!

Race Starts - 7:30 a.m.


Race Day Rules - Stay Groovy:

Leave your iPods behind – All USAT Rules are riding the wave.

Keep that helmet on from start to finish or at any time you are on the Bike after and during the event. It's your safety net.

ID and USAT - Stay Cool and Photo-Ready:

Bring your photo ID and USAT card (if you're an annual member).MANDATORY

Snap pics of both with your mobile device. It's OK,

If you got a day pass, we've got you on record. But an ID is required.


Elizabeth Street parking spots are a rare treasure; park anywhere inside Landa Park.

You might have to pedal a bit, so make sure your helmet's on and secure!

Bike Sticker - Dress Your Bike in Style:

You have a snazzy white adhesive sticker in your packet. It goes on your Bike, NOT your helmet.

Stick it anywhere it catches the eye, except on the tires (let's not tire them out)!

Swim Caps are not mandatory.

USAT Wetsuit Rules

All Epic Races will follow the wetsuit guidelines set forth by USA Triathlon. Those guidelines state:

USAT rules state that competitors may wear wetsuits if the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower.

USAT rules also state that if the water temperature is between 78.1 and 83.9 degrees, competitors may wear wetsuits but will not be eligible for awards.

If the water temperature is 84 degrees or above, participants may NOT wear wetsuits.


Timing and Timing Chip - Time to Shine:

Strap on that REUSABLE timing chip on your LEFT ankle – it's your ticket to glory! Please pick it up on Race Morning; we do not want you to leave it at home. HAVE YOUR BIB WITH YOU WHEN RETRIEVING YOUR TIMING CHIP, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Be careful when attaching it; it's your one and only. If you feel the strap is not good enough, we have extras. And we have to get it back. If not, we know where you live 😉

Your race time will be showcased on the Black Timing Trailer and your mobile devices.

Your bib needs to be front and center during the run – let it shine!

Body Marking - Wear Your Race Badge:

Mark yourself like a canvas ready to show

Bib number on both arms, high and proud.

Bib number on the front of each thigh – flaunt it!

Show your age on your right calf.

Relay, folks, swap out age for an "R" on the right calf.

Awards - Make a Splash on the Podium:

We'll throw an awards bash once the age categories are filled.

The top 3 champs in Swim/Run, Swim/Bike, Bike/Run, Fat Tire, and Relays will make a splash.

Triathlon will honor the top 3 in each 5-year age category.

Finisher Medals - Claim Your Treasure:

Cross the finish line and snag your hard-earned finisher medal at the Archway Finish line.

Swim\Run Duathlon - Dive, Run, and Win:

Start your aquatic adventure in the Spring Fed Pool, then go to the Olympic Pool.

After your swim, go into transition using the swim-run entrance.

Head out for a run through the same entrance – no bike business here!

Swim\Bike Duathlon - Splash, Pedal, and Celebrate:

Spring Fed Pool is your starting line.

After swimming, transition through the swim-run entrance.

Roll through the Bike In| Bike Out entrance for the bike leg.

Once you finish biking, head back to transition, rack your Bike, and claim your finisher medal; remove your timing chip and place it on the tub designated for reusable chips. PLEASE, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT; WE DO NOT WANT TO MESS ANYBODY'S TIME IF YOU THROUGH THE MATS WITH THE CHIP AGAIN. 

Bike/Run Duathlon. It's a Solo Symphony!

Bike/Run Duathlon

After our pre-race meeting, it's your time to shine.

You will go into transition and stand by your Bike. We will start the duathletes one at a time at 7:35 as the timer gives the signal.

Now, dash through the Bike In - Bike Out opening.

When you return, rack your Bike like a superstar and hit the run.

Relays Get Your Act Together - It's a Team Effort:

If you're in a relay team, listen up.

The swimmer, you're up first – slap that reusable and returnable timing chip on your leg.

When you hit transition, remove your timing chip and place it on the tub designated for reusable chips. PLEASE, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, WE DO NOT WANT TO MESS ANYBODY'S TIME IF YOU THROUGH THE MATS WITH THE CHIP AGAIN.

The bike relay member, it's your turn to shine; ensure your timing chip is secured, then go to the Bike in/out opening.

The runner, wear your race bib on the front of your shirt – it's your timing secret.

Don't mess up the script – follow these rules, or your team won't make the final cut.

Bike relay person, be in transition away from the timing mats and ready for the swimmer.

Runner relay person, be in transition and wait for the bike relay member.

And remember, if the runner wants to be outside transition, leave the bib behind. DO NOT WEAR THE BIB, or you'll mess with your race time – drama alert!

Swim Start:

Every year, following USAT protocols, we test the water in both pools for e-coli. We got the results late Thursday, and we are ready and good to go.

We will start one at a time every 5-8 seconds.

We line you up based on how fast you swim 100 meters, and then so on down the line accordingly.

It's like a red carpet-event for swimmers!

Course Directions – The Script:

Bike Course - A Scenic Thriller:

Exit transition and take a right on Landa Park Drive.

Brace yourself for California Hill – it's a suspenseful climb!

Change into your easiest gear and channel your inner action hero.

If you need to walk your Bike up the hill, stay to the far right – no shame in that!

Keep your eyes peeled for signs guiding you through the twists and turns.

Beware the RR Tracks – cross them straight, not sideways!

If a train gate comes down, you're on a dramatic pause – STOP!

There is no time allowance if you are caught by the train. I am sorry, so stay alert.

This is an OUT and BACK course with a turnaround past Hueco Springs and River Rd. Look for the Red Sky dancer greeting you at the turnaround.

Study the website map – it's your script; know your lines!

Police will be your scene partners at most intersections.

Coming down California hill, reduce speed to no more than 25MPH (or go slow if you're without a speedometer).

REMINDER: It's NOT a closed course, so obey all traffic laws. No drafting, no littering, and helmets are mandatory. USAT rules are in effect.


Bike MS will share the road with us for 4 miles, starting at Gruene Rd and going all the way to Huaco Springs at the turnaround. Please be patient and use your bike etiquette on the road. We have several officers on the road supporting us for this stretch of the race. Please refer to the map that we will have at packet pick-up.


Run Course - Lights, Camera, Action:

Exit transition and make a dramatic right at the parking lot entrance.

Pass the Park Office on Landa Dr. and turn left onto Elizabeth Street.

Follow the route like you're chasing the bad guys.

It's a lollipop route, with one water station that you'll hit twice – no need to hydrate like a camel.

Follow the cones and signs like they're your breadcrumbs.

When you return, run into the fenced aquatics area as you left for the swim.

Cross the finish line under the archway like a triumphant hero.

Visit the website, study the map, and be the star who knows their route.

And don't forget your bib. You must always have your bib on the front of your person during the run– it's your costume for this act!

Bike Requirements - No Sneaky E-Bikes Allowed:

Sorry, electric bikes, you're not invited to our show.

Your Bike must be in tip-top condition, with functional brakes.

We'll give your Bike a quick check, and any not up to par will be in the green room until after the race.

Stick that small white sticker to your Bike – make it look good; it's for security.

And pump up those tires. There is no flat tire drama here.

We are happy to announce that Crossroads Bikes will be on-site for minor issues.


Spectators - No Paparazzi Allowed in Transition:

Spectators, you're not part of the cast in transition, so stay out – no backstage access!

You can watch from inside the aquatics area but don't steal the spotlight from our racers.

And remember, no assisting the racers on any discipline at any time– let them shine on their own.

Feast After the Show -

Head to the covered patio behind the Landa House

Grab some grub, but one trip only, please – it's not an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Bottled water is for racers only – don't drink the stars' refreshments!

Get ready for Thai Casa on Broadway and Kiolbassa Sausage Company to provide the tastiest meal.

Bathroom Breaks - The Restrooms:

They're on the outside and inside of the aquatics building. Don't miss your cues!


We are very excited and looking forward to a great race weekend!


Refund Policy: If notified 14 or more days before the race date, we will refund 1/2 of the entry fee minus processing fees. There is no refund for USAT fees. No Refunds on race day

In the event of cancellation due to weather or any other circumstance beyond our control, there will be no refunds within the two weeks before the event. No Transfers

If the race is postponed due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control, no refunds or transfers are allowed under any circumstances.

Finisher Medals

Awards for Category Winners

Post-Party featuring Kiolbassa Sausage and other goodies.

Get ready for the Wurst Tri Ever

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    Wurst Tri Ever Where & When

  • Location: New Braunfels, TX 78130
  • Race Date: 2023/10/08 12:00:00 AM (Sunday)
  • Categories:
    • Triathlon Age Group
    • Triathlon Fat Tire
    • Bike Run Duathlon
    • Swim Bike Duathlon
    • Swim Run Duathlon
    • 2 Person Relay
    • 3 Person Race

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Wurst Tri Ever Reviews

3.3 - 12 reviews

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Most Helpful Review
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 5.0/5
Redemption Races Rocks

I have been at at least 3 of their events. I couldn’t think of a more put together enjoyable races! The food is great! The organizers are helpful and very friendly. From start to finish with an after party it’s well worth every penny! The company is also Christ based which is so awesome! Redemption Races thank you for great memories!

Tiffany K. 4/4 found this review helpful.

Course: 1.0/5
Organization: 0.5/5
2018 Race Review
Review On:2018-10-13 19:05:51
Could be a good race

For the last 2 years there have been last minute changes to the race. Sharing a course with Another event, course changes. Both years the change was not announce until the day before the race. I don’t hold the organizers for the Course of the MS150 or construction not being completed, but I do for them not knowing. Poor organization. And giving cotton shirts.... not acceptable.

Bob J. has attended 2 times
6/9 found this review helpful.
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 5.0/5
2019 Race Review
Review On:2019-08-06 07:36:27
Redemption Races Rocks

I have been at at least 3 of their events. I couldn’t think of a more put together enjoyable races! The food is great! The organizers are helpful and very friendly. From start to finish with an after party it’s well worth every penny! The company is also Christ based which is so awesome! Redemption Races thank you for great memories!

Tiffany K. has attended 2 times
4/4 found this review helpful.
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 5.0/5
2019 Race Review
Review On:2019-09-21 15:37:05
Best race ever

This is my favorite triathlon. The slide is awesome. The race director is professional and cares about putting on a good and safe race. Last year there were issues due to all the rain. He could have canceled it but made it work!

verified participant race review Trisha S. has attended 2 times
3/3 found this review helpful.
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 0.5/5
2022 Race Review
Review On:2022-10-09 19:08:37
Very poor Race Timing

I competed in the Aquabike, I timed my bike split in 40:52. They gave me a total time of 1:01:18 or in other words I swam 300 meters plus about 150 m of transition running plus transition changing in 20 minutes and 26 seconds. I came here with a 100 m seed time of 1:35. That finals time was impossible. This race was a waste of money and my time. Don’t race for redemption racing.

verified participant race review Paul W. has attended 4 times
1/1 found this review helpful.
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 2.5/5
2022 Race Review
Review On:2023-08-18 13:59:29
Timing is totally off

First I sowed up as "DQ'd." I knew I didn't DQ, so I go to the timing guys. They tell me I finished first. They call awards, my name wasn't called. But I had the first-place time. You guys really need to change your timing company. This is the 2nd year in a row this has happened. Very discouraging. It's a shame because this race is really unique and fun. Volunteers are very friendly and the swim is super fun.

verified participant race review Joanne S. has attended 3 times
1/1 found this review helpful.
Course: 4.5/5
Organization: 1.0/5
2023 Race Review
Review On:2023-10-08 10:44:30

Unacceptable how long it takes to get results

Steve P. has attended 3 times
1/1 found this review helpful.
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 3.0/5
2022 Race Review
Review On:2022-10-11 06:50:33
Triathlete participation

This race is so fun. Obviously Terri took over redemption she worked very hard with her new crew. There were several kinks. However most upsetting no national anthem was sung and the cheap Mexican soccer shirts were hated by all. Always looked forward to the cute shirts

Leslie S. has attended 4 times
0/0 found this review helpful.
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 0.5/5
2023 Race Review
Review On:2023-01-30 13:09:35

Last year I did the duathlon because my ankle was hurt. Some other woman doing the Triathlon couldnt remember her number and gave you the wrong number. Yall said yall would fix it and send me results. I never got them. I really enjoy doing the Wurst triathlon but want to make sure if I do it I get my results. Honestly I was hurt that yall never got back to me after I reached out time and time again. Again I do love doing this tri and it is really fun.

Tina B. has attended 2 times
0/0 found this review helpful.
Course: 5.0/5
Organization: 5.0/5
2019 Race Review
Review On:2023-01-30 17:36:47
Wurst Tri FUN!

super fun race! Such a beautiful course! Really enjoyed it! Felt very organized and I had no problems!

verified participant race review alex w. has attended 1 times
0/0 found this review helpful.
Course: 4.0/5
Organization: 1.0/5
2023 Race Review
Review On:2023-10-09 12:15:58
Great Race - Poor Management

Great race venue, good food, volunteers, transition set up, signage! But how is it that the timing system screwed up now 2 years in a row? Waiting over 2 hrs for awards is unacceptable. Ran out of medals this year so relays and duathlons go home empty handed??!! Please do not schedule on the same weekend as the MS Ride again.

verified participant race review Lex P. has attended 2 times
0/0 found this review helpful.
Course: 1.0/5
Organization: 1.0/5
2023 Race Review
Review On:2023-10-10 11:46:38
Skip this one

One of the worst races I have done ( and I have done a few Tri's). The volunteers were great. But for the price this race costs it is not worth what you get. This for SURE isn't a race you want to do if you care about your time. Between getting stuck behind people swimming (and then almost stuck in the hydrilla), to trying not to get hit by a car on the NOT closed bike route (oh and biking with people from ANOTHER race for several miles) to losing time because we had to stop biking and wait for the train to pass... so many issues. Communication prior to the race was poor as no current race info was shared via email till two days before the event. The only restrooms for the entire event are located at the Aquatic Center so if you have to "go" between the bike and the race you have to wait in line with random people also using the restroom. Oh and the "no spectators in the transition area" rule wasn't enforced as I saw multiple people not racing in there. If you just want a fun mess around type of Tri then sure, go for this one. If you want a real professionally done Tri look elsewhere. Again, the volunteers were great so props to them. Otherwise the rest was meh. Won't be coming back again.

Kylie K. has attended 1 times
0/0 found this review helpful.
Course: 3.0/5
Organization: 0.5/5
2023 Race Review
Review On:2023-10-10 17:58:22
Disorganized for first Tri

This was my first triathlon and for what I paid ($139) I was very disappointed in the execution of it. I didn’t receive any information on the race whatsoever until a week before the race to which I had to quickly book a hotel because of the time. The race was Octoberfest themed and it was advertised that there would be brautwurst and food after. Upon finishing in the middle of the pack, there was nothing but rice and fruit left. I was very disappointed and looking forward to the food post race. People were going up for tons of food before some people received any. The race timing was also messed up and my time did not reflect the time I actually finished in which was quite frustrating. When race results were posted, we were not sent a link to the website to locate the times so it took forever to find. Overall I think this event could have been planned a lot better and they could have ordered a ton more food.

verified participant race review Alexis H. has attended 1 times
0/0 found this review helpful.

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New Braunfels, TX Weather

Wurst Tri Ever weather history
  • Based on a 5 year average and a race date of October 8th, New Braunfels, TX can expect temperatures between 44℉ and 65℉ with humidity around 52% and precipitation of 0.16".
    Last year the weather condition was Cloudy.
  • New Braunfels, TX current weather
  • Clouds 68.5℉ Clouds

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